Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The story goes on.


It's been a year. Exactly one year ago I started a professional dance program at Broadaway Dance Center. Being already six months in America It was the next step. I never would have expected that so amazing. This school taught me more than I imagined. Taught me to believe in myself, in dreams, work hard, be brave, to fight with every day. Taught me to be a good, kind person. There I met many wonderful dancers from around the world who gave me the enormity of positive energy.  believe in your dreams. I miss you. I can't even describe it. I struggle with longing every day. I supporting you and our future dance path. Literally I love you for the love you gave me. 

New York is a period of my struggles, fighting with myself, struggle with my weaknesses, becoming a better person. It is time that put me in critical situations where I had to mature in the blink of an eye. There were no excuses. This step has allowed me to be who I am.
New year ... and I'm starting a new way in my life. America - I'll see you again. But now in Poland I will have many challenges. I thank God for the opportunity. For the things that happen to me that in past were not possible. For this doors. For the good people around me.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Missing so bad... that it makes me want to cry. (i can't, i can't) Miss my New York for life in the big city, but I know in due time I'll be there
Thank God that a few years ago, You gave me second chance to live on.


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